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Bioscience, Technology, & Trades

The Bioscience, Technology, and Trades are rapidly growing fields that applies life processes to practical uses.


In collaboration with leading industry partners, we provide a 12-Week BioScience Lab Technician Program thru an interactive classroom experience and wet lab training for adults 18 years and older in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).


Our Forklift Certification Program is a DESE, OSHA, and NSC Certified, 2-Day certification training focuses on preparing the entry-level workforce for careers in Forklift, Warehouse, and Material Handling.

In collaboration with CIBC, the Career Institute also offers an Entrepreneurship Training Program (ETP) dedicated to entrepreneurial training and support to underserved individuals who live in and start their businesses in the local area. Participants have the opportunity to apply for a micro loan up to $10,000.

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FWCA's Career Institute
Lab Tech Training Program


CIBC Entrepreneurship Training Program

FWCA in collaboration with CIBC Bank implement this program for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business. Participants have the opportunity to apply for a micro loan up to $10,000.


FWCA Bioscience & Technology Student Handbook

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Certification Program


Check out the dynamic work our students do!

Construction Site

Home Performance Laborer (HPL) Program

Introducing FWCA's Home Performance (HPL) Program! This DOL-Approved Apprenticeship Program spans four (4) weeks and is designed to equip participants with the skills necessary to become a general laborer, with the potential to specialize in or become a journeyman in the construction trades.

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AG-Hydroponic Technician Program

FWCA presents the AHT Program in partnership with FreshHarvest365 (FH365). FH365 is a hydroponic farming company providing the highest quality, hyper-local produce 365 days a year! Participants in this program will be trained in hydroponic farming and learn how to grow, produce and maintain hydroponic farming systems, preparing them for access to careers in a new, fast growing field! 

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Painting Ceiling

Custom Paint Prep Program

The Custom Paint Prep (CPP) Program is a four (4) week program created to provide a career pathway into commercial painting. The CPP program offers pre-apprenticeship style learning and training to prepare individuals for careers in commercial painting in a safe, welcoming environment.

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