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Youth Services

FWCA's Youth Services engage youth from infancy to 24 years of age in a capacity that contributes to the local and national community. Our youth services provide opportunities for youth development, youth voice, and self-reflection. Our programs recruit youth in the community and provide them job opportunities, service activities that improve the community, and training/mentorship development .

Early Explorers Child Development Academy

The Academy implements a comprehensive approach to a child's health, nutrition, growth, and development. We emphasize parental engagement with a focus on activities that are structured toward the betterment of children ages 6 weeks-5 years. 

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READY4Life is committed to helping youth promote healthy relationships with others and families, while helping them learn the importance of preparing for marriage and long-term relationships. In addition, we promote thriving communities by delivering services that build strong families.

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Young Adult Program

The purpose of this program is to enhance and teach life skills, to youth ages 16-24, that address overcoming challenges by providing employment opportunities, preparing for secondary-education, and building goals to assist in working through barriers to achieve success, economic stability, and self-sufficiency.

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If you're not sure which youth program you'd like to go in to, feel free to contact us and we'll assist you.

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