Adult and Family

FWCA's Adult & Family Services engage individuals and families in several capacities. Our services provide for adults, dislocated workers, and families the necessary career, legal and mental health services needed to overcome their barriers. Our programs assist adults and families in the St. Louis community with achieving and maintaining self-sustainability and family economic success.

Adult and Dislocated Workers

FWCA in collaboration with St. Louis County American Job Centers helps Adult and Dislocated Workers with job search and placement. 

Healthy Marriage and Relationship Program

This program promotes and teaches life skills to maintain positive family environments, foster child well-being, and establish positive workplace relationships. Participants will learn effective techniques that they will be able to use at home and on the job. Offered to Singles and Married Couples at various locations.

Healthy Relationship & Marriage Program

The Family Support Division (FSD) has contracted with Family and Workforce Centers of America (FWCA) to provide work requirement services to Temporary Assistance (TA) participants in St. Louis City.

SkillUP Program

SkillUP is a voluntary program to help Food Stamp recipients get free help with skills, training, and employer connections to get a job or a better job. SkillUP can also help with things such as: child care, transportation expenses, and work expenses.

Helping food stamp recipients get free help.

Family and Workforce Centers of America was awarded a demonstration grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation that will help families through workforce development and employment services in American Job Centers.

FWCA Receives the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Grant

Helps fathers establish or strengthen positive father-child engagement by improving employment and economic mobility.

New Pathway for Fathers and Families

Entrepreneurship Training Program

Designed for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business. Participants have the opportunity to apply for a micro loan up to $10,000.

We want everyone to have a clear understanding of finances.  This education sends you on the path of success.

Financial Literacy and Education

Offers entrepreneurship, financial education and asset development workshops.

Provides recruitment, life-skills & soft-skills training for various employers.

Industry Pre-Employment Services

OSHA Forklift Certification Program

This 2-Day certification program offers training in handling a forklift. Along with safe driving skills, refueling, battery recharging, inspections and more.