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FWCA receives grant from Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

On September 2, Family and Workforce Centers of America's (FWCA)

Career Institute BioScience and Technology Training Program received a

$10,000 grant from Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. This training program helps

individuals who are interested in the life sciences professions, but lack formal

industry or academic training. This demographic includes unemployed,

underemployed, or displaced workers who are high school graduates or

individuals changing careers who need support to successfully acquire

positions within the field. This is an intensive, hands-on, and industry specific

training program within a simulated field-work environment. These funds will

go towards the implementation of programming and research technology for

our participants.

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is a multibillion dollar specialty

pharmaceutical company focused on its mission of Managing Complexity and

Improving Lives. Mallinckrodt provides medicines to address unmet patient

needs, stemming from more than 150 years, of remaining focused on

producing quality products with the utmost integrity and unparalleled service

in order to better serve the patients, customers and communities in which we

live and work.

Family and Workforce Centers of America’s team has over 78 years of

combined experience planning, building and managing workforce development

programs. Our mission is to help individuals and families achieve and maintain

self-sustainability through the dynamic application of evidenced-based training

and workforce development practices. FWCA collaborates with several public

and private entities to meet our mission and goals. Our coordinated network of

dedicated partnerships fosters innovation and synergistic program development

to bring about social change and stronger communities to champion our

mission of strengthening individuals and families both locally and nationally.

Mallinckrodt Grant
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