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Family and Workforce Centers of America implement comprehensive programs to support youth and adults in the St. Louis community on a path to success.

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Programs and Services

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Engaging youth, between infancy to early adulthood, to contribute to the local community by giving them a voice and space to grow.

  • Early Explorers Child Development Academy offers a holistic approach to a child’s overall health, wellbeing & development with an emphasis on activities and parental involvement.

  • READY4Life is a program targeted exclusively to youth for projects designed to support healthy relationships and marriage while teaching youth  life skills like financial literacy, conflict resolution, stress and anger management, and more!

  • Young Adult Program prepares youth and young adults, 16 and older, for post-secondary education and employment opportunities, through career development training.



Program For Successful Reentry

Creating Successful New Chapters

FWCA offers programming that provides eligible, incarcerated individuals resources and aid to support a successful reentry into their communities and homes, including healthy relationship education and employment preparation, drivers license recovery and more.

How to Qualify: 

Eligible participants must be:

  • Currently incarcerated with 20-180 days or less on sentence.

  • Unemployed with work release privileges.

  • Program eligible through the Department of Juvenile Services & Family Workforce Center of America


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Career Institute

Bioscience and Technology is a rapidly growing field that applies life processes to practical uses. In collaboration with leading industry partners, we provide a 12-Week interactive classroom experience and wet lab training for adults 18 years and older in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). From our Forklift Certification Program to our Lab Technician Program, there's more to learn at our school.

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CIBC Entrepreneurship Training Program

FWCA in collaboration with CIBC Bank implement this program for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business. Participants have the opportunity to apply for a micro loan up to $10,000.

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Legal Services

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Mental Wellness

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