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Virtual Career Development Workshops

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The Family and Workforce Centre of America (FWCA), St. Louis will host a series of Virtual Career Development Workshops during the month of June, in an effort to further its mission of implementing programs that stimulate and set youths and adults on a path to economic success.

The workshops will be held on Tuesday and Thursdays at the Missouri Job Centre and will be facilitated by Dr. Patreece Broadus, who currently serves as the Center’s Workshop Facilitator.  Dr. Broadus’s professional background spans just under 20 years with experience as a professor of communication in higher education.  She has taught courses in Nonverbal communication, Intercultural and Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, Business Communication and Communication and Race.  She has also held appointments at various universities throughout the South and Midwest including Mississippi Valley State University, the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, the University of Alabama at Huntsville, and most recently, Saint Louis University where she served as assistant professor and Basic Couse Coordinator.

The Career Development workshops will cover:

  • Job Searching in 2020...NOW

  • Build a More Effective Resume

  • Build a More Effective Resume, Part 2

  • Career Networking

  • Career Exploration

  • Understanding the Interview Process

The workshops are free for all participants and information regarding registration may be had by connecting with @stlouiscowfd on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Interested participants may also email proadus@fwca-stil.com

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